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The World Plant-Based Awards 2020

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be a judge for the World Plant-Based Awards 2020, which is taking place at the Plant-Based World Conference & Expo in June this year.

As a freelance writer and content creator in the area of plant-based innovation and technology, I keep my eye on the emerging trends within the industry.  In line with the trends that have seen plant-based living propelled into the mainstream, I’ll be particularly interested in brands that excel in the following areas: 

Sustainability and transparency – environmental concerns and sustainability continue to be key drivers towards plant-based living. How does the product capture the essence of this in its offering to consumers? Plus, how is this communicated effectively via the brand, enabling and building trust and loyalty with consumers? Consumers want products that provide more than just lip-service in this area so they don’t have to compromise on their values. 

Gamechangers and forerunners – how is the product unique from others in its category? Or does it stand alone? How will it increase interest and drive growth in the plant-based segment? What new need or desire does it meet for the plant-based audience that other products have failed to service so far? 

Nutrition and taste – today’s plant-based consumer wants a product to not only taste great but to also become a healthy addition to their diet. How does a product bring innovations in taste, while still providing a healthy offering, through the creative use of whole food plant-based ingredients? 

What’s the story? – Millennials are a major buying force in the plant-based segment and in order to appeal to this sector, a product’s marketing needs to be on point. How does the product or brand take a unique approach in reaching these key demographics? 

Accessibility – when transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, it helps to have familiar analogues that make plant-based living easy. How does a product provide familiarity while also bringing something unique to its category? 

The plant-based sector has been so disruptive to the food industry in general simply down to the huge amount of innovation it’s inspired. I can’t wait to learn more about the nominees for each category in the awards. 

To see the categories for the World Plant-Based Awards 2020 and find out how to enter, please visit the FoodBev website.

For information on the other judges, click here.

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